Spotlight on Social Work Conferences

National Association of Social Workers

"Leading Change, Transforming Lives" was the theme of National Association of Social Workers' 2016 National Conference. More than 2,300 social workers and allied professionals gathered in Washington, DC to gain skills and inspiration to overcome the challenges they face in their daily work.

Taking place in the midst of the 2016 presidential election, the conference organizers wanted to curate keynotes and programming that enhanced the professional growth of attendees, promote sound social policies, while also acknowledging the societal challenges that might arise in a shifting political climate. In addition to this, they wanted to arm attendees with the skills needed to mediate a high stress work environment with limited resources while balancing a heavy workload.

NASW selected Kai Kight to deliver the opening session presentation where he encouraged attendees to advocate and work for the dignity of all, while also pushing them to consider actions they could take that would make the most lasting impact on their environments. Kai also spoke on the immense value that social workers bring and how they can magnify their impact by aligning their actions with their true purpose and intentions. 

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