Spotlight on Public Utilities Conferences

National Association of Clean Water Agencies

At the 2017 Utility Leadership Conference hosted by National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), hundreds of utility leaders gathered to share knowledge with their peers on how to solve the issues facing their industries. These leaders deal frequently with older utility systems (some over 100 years old) and have inherited old strategies and methods from decades-old systems. The goal of the conference was for attendees to gather insight into how their peers have addressed similar problems and to innovate creative solutions through networking and collaboration.

NACWA selected Kai to deliver the conference keynote because of his own experience innovating in a centuries-old industry (classical music) and the challenges he faced in the process of bringing his own unique ideas to the world.

Kai's keynote encouraged attendees to reflect on potential areas of improvement and the skills they wish to strengthen. He then challenged each person to take that energy and approach all of the conference sessions and networking opportunities with positivity and a growth mindset. Even further, he asked the group to consider what the future of the industry might look like if they each gave their colleagues the attention and care they each wished to receive personally. Attendees left his session invigorated and ready to network and learn new skills throughout the conference.

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